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Support Updates + Maintenance (SUM) Policy

The changes below come into effect on March 31, 2023

Support Updates + Maintenance (SUM) is provided free for 6 months with new perpetual license purchases or with lease licenses for the term of the lease. The standard fee is set at 24% of the current list price per annum and covers:

  • Technical support by email ticketing system within 48 hours
  • Modeling assistance (any suggestions are for educational purposes only). If you require advanced support or advice, please contact us for consulting
  • Access to the latest versions of the solution (minor or major)
  • Free basic training on-demand
  • License replacement (provided SUM has not expired after March 31, 2023. If it has lapsed, please see the license replacement terms below.)

Upgrades are available via our website and download. Users are notified by email when a new version is available and also via the application (Help | Check for updates). Telephone and video support (e.g. Zoom, Teamviewer) is reserved for Enterprise customers. Our support team strives to answer all queries within 48 hours, although some tickets may need to be escalated to the development team.

Customers who purchased before June 30, 2022, are currently receiving a discount from the list price of SUM. We strongly recommend keeping these agreements in place whenever possible, and not letting them lapse any longer than 60 days to keep the current discounts.

Discounts for customers active in SUM:


Network licenses Discount
1 from Liquid/Gas/Slurries/Two-Phase 5%
2 from Liquid/Gas/Slurries/Two-Phase 7.5%
3 from Liquid/Gas/Slurries/Two-Phase 10%
Full package of Liquid Gas Two-Phase Slurries 12.5%


Further to the above, we offer a highly competitive Enterprise Licensing model (available for 5 users upwards), contact sales@fluidflowinfo.com and confirm requirements from Liquid/Gas/Two-Phase/Slurries/ALL with how many people need access. We will provide each user with a license, and a shared location for data + licensing.

Discounts are available from the list price on a 3-year auto-renewal, paid annually or in advance.


Lapsed SUM Reinstatement or License Replacement fees


Time after SUM expiry or if License is lost % of list price to reinstate
2 months - 12 months 36%
12 months - 24 months 48%
24 months - 36 months 60%
36 months+ 80%
2 months+ needing License Replacement 80%


Starting March 31, 2023, the renewal percentages in the table above apply to customers who are re-entering SUM or replacing licensing. License replacement is subject to a fair usage policy.


To get a personalized quotation or ask any questions, reach out to us at sales@fluidflowinfo.com today.