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Hydraulic Components - General Resistances

General Resistances

There are many types of pipe fittings that offer resistance to flow that don’t fit logically into the existing component groups. These types are available from the General Resistances of the Component palette. The resistance of many types of fittings can be described by K, Kf, Kv, or Cv type relationships. In addition, this group of components contains the following specific pipe fittings: Filter; Packed bed; Cyclone; Labyrinth Seals; Expansion Joints and Stuffing Boxes; Centrifuge; Pipe Coil; Tube Bundles (flow inside and outside); and Constant Head Loss components. 

For those devices that do not fit into any of the above categories, there is a User Defined Component that can be used to define a curve relationship of pressure loss as a function of flow rate.

The table below shows the application of different general resistance components available in the FluidFlow database:

The table below shows the required data input and the output for the general resistance components. Note that the results table varies depending upon the fluid phase state and the visible properties selected by the user.