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Hydraulic Components - Boosters


Booster is a general term for any fluid machine that adds energy to a fluid and is commonly called an energy-absorbing device. Boosters are mechanical devices that transport fluid from source to destination by increasing fluid pressure.

FluidFlow can auto-size boosters based on flow or pressure rise. Alternatively, vendor information such as pump head, NPSHr, or efficiency curves can be applied to simulate its performance in a hydraulic model. It makes use of the database to store information for the following booster types: Centrifugal Pumps, Rotating Positive Displacement Pumps, Fans or Compressors, and Positive Displacement Pumps or Compressors. By default, several vendor information is available and can be readily be applied in the fluid system. However, new vendor information can be added to the booster database as required by the hydraulic model.

The table below shows the application of different booster components available in the FluidFlow database:

The table below shows the required data input and the output for the booster components. Note that the results table varies depending upon the fluid phase state and the visible properties selected by the user.