How is FluidFlow verified?

The results generated by FluidFlow for flow systems transporting liquids, gases, two-phase (liquid-gas), non-settling slurries, settling slurries and pulp and paper systems are rigorously tested and verified against published data and real-world operating systems on a continuous basis. An extensive library of Quality Assurance test models are also installed with the software.

As FluidFlow is continuously undergoing development, each new version of the software is benchmarked using the above procedures.

FluidFlow has been used successfully in industry since it was first launched 1984. The software has undergone extensive development since first launched ensuring the product is up to date, includes the very latest solution technology and offers engineers a fast and effective design pipe flow simulation tool.

Quality Assurance is an integral part of our business ethic. From our software design approach through to our released product, FluidFlow is developed to the highest quality and standard.

Flite Software NI Ltd is an ISO9001:2008 registered company