Can I model Control Valves?

Yes. You can model any of the following control valves:

1. Flow Control Valves.

2. Pressure Control Valves.

3. Differential Pressure Control Valves.

4. Pressure Reducing Valves.

5. Pressure Sustainer Valves.

These valves are available on the "Controllers" tab of the Data Palette. 

You can model vendor control valves or automatically size control valves. 

Automatically Sizing Control Valves:

To auto-size a control valve, simply place the control valve on the Flowsheet and from the Input tab of the Data Palette, set the "Automatically Size" row to "On". You can then enter your desired design conditions for the control valve (design flow rate, design pressure etc). The software will then calculate the resultant Cv/Kv value for the valve which is shown on the Results tab of the Data Palette.

Modeling a Vendor Valve:

You can model a vendor control valve by setting the "Automatically Size" row to "Off" which is the default setting. This allows you to model any vendor valve from the Database. You can also add to the database by defining your own specific valve data and model this device in your system. The software will calculate the Cv/Kv and corresponding valve position (% open). Furthermore, the software will enunciate a warning message if the valve position is outside the allowable range of good practice procedures.

When a model has been calculated, you can view the flow rate, pressure, velocity, fluid density etc for each control valve in the model. This information is shown on the Results tab of the Data Palette.