Can FluidFlow be used to model heat transfer in piping systems?

Yes. All FluidFlow modules are provided with heat transfer functionality as standard. This includes the ability to perform pipe heat loss calculations whilst taking into account the effect of local wind speed, surface emissivity & ambient temperature.

A library of pipe insulation materials is included with the software as standard and you can select the required thickness for each pipe. Convection, conduction and radiation losses are calculated automatically. This means FluidFlow can be used to quickly optimize energy use by selecting the economic insulation thickness.

When performing heat loss calculations, Engineers can choose to enter a U value or allow the software calculate this parameter.

The software also allows engineers to analyse the effect of a fixed temperature change or energy transfer rate across a pipe or fitting as well as buried pipe heat transfer calculations. FluidFlow completes an energy balance throughout all piping systems.

FluidFlow can model heat transfer across shell and tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers as well as any pipe or fitting.